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Monday, October 17, 2011

Dolly Made Dinner

Sunday afternoon was unpleasant as I have had a red puffed up irritated eye. I was hoping to just relax at the nice cool clean library while Dolly played and looked at books. But I had asked Dolly early on in the morning if she wanted to cook in the afternoon and she happily shouted "Yes!" So the library was ignored and cook she did!

I gave her the ingredients and talked her through the process. She rolled, cracked, grated, measured, stirred and poured. (The Brazilian Spinach from our garden was placed uncooked in the mix).

All Mixed and Ready to Bake.

Mmmmmm, Dolly on Her Way to Master Chefdom.
 2 hours from her commencing, we ate and it was delicious. The spinach leaves peeking out of the quiche were thin and crackly. Just divine.  The best part is she said to me "I don't like spinach". To which I replied "But you LOVE spinach quiche you make yourself" and to that, my influenceable daughter replied "Oh yes, that's right" and gobbled it all up :-)

It then rained, so to end our day we went puddle jumping and umbrella twirling. It was so much fun. Loving the simple things in life and the changes in weather. The library was not missed. My eye was irritated either way and my 4 year made our family the most yummy frugalicious dinner. I am living the good life on days like this and Dolly is skilling up for life.

Do you have tricks to get your family to eat their greens? Any skills your children are eager to learn? Have you been jumping in puddles lately?


  1. i've never had spinach quiche, may have to give that a try as it looks delish :-)

  2. Not quite jumping in puddles, but I did go running in the rain! Ah, it was just like being a kid again.

    Dolly's cooking looks fantastic! It reminds me of a time when My Chick was about 6. I asked her what she wanted for dinner, and she said "stuffed pumpkin!" So we went to the supermarket, and she said, "I'll get the mushrooms!" We got home, and she said, "I'll peel the mushrooms!" I dished up dinner and she said, "Yuck! I'm not eating that - it's got mushrooms in it!"

    It turns out, she just like peeling mushrooms. 80)

    Have a great day!

  3. My daughter point blank refuses to eat carrots. However, last week we had beef casserole made in the slow cooker (containing carrots) and she was halfway through before she realised she'd been eating them. For a moment she was horrified, until I said knowingly "that's because they've been in the slow cooker - they taste totally different!". She mused this over then agreed and from that moment on she has eaten every carrot put down to her - after checking with me first that they've been "in the slow cooker". They haven't, of course! The powers of persuasion!

  4. These are the days that Dolly will remember when she is older. Time spent with you, and simple pleasures like cooking.My younger daughter is 16 and still loves these things, and my elder daughter who is 23 remembers them well.

  5. Do libraries open on Sunday in your neck of the woods then? Wish they did here!

    K xx

  6. Fairy from Organised CastleOctober 18, 2011 at 3:32 AM

    Growing things is the best way to encourage kids to eat stuff that they "don't like". My girls (now 25 and 29)developed a taste for different vegetables when they were grown in our garden.

  7. Oh Dolly what a lovely girl you are, dinner looked super fab. I am so glad you can really enjoy natures gifts. At times i don't see them but now i think next time it rains i will be jumping in the puddles with my boy.


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