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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poverty Awareness Week

Dolly and One Mob.
We went to a Poverty Awareness Week Community Dinner hosted by My Sisters Kitchen. We placed our $10 donation in the bucket for the 3 of us. (The buckets seemed sadly empty for the number of people in the venue). I had also packed our own cups, plates and cutlery in my basket for the event to avoid having to use any wasteful plastic and paper items keeping to my eco ethos.

We queued to serve ourselves at the buffet loaded with Nepalese and African type dishes cooked by My Sisters Kitchen refugees and new migrants. We guessed what the dishes were and ate our spicy meal, (Dolly could only eat the non spicy salad and white rice). It was a bit overwhelming hot for me at times, so I had wished I had not served myself so much. Nevertheless I ate all of my meal with teary eyes and a burning mouth. LOL.

Dolly and My Plate (The Rambling Expat is Busy Eating His)

There were also community groups performing to entertain the crowd. The Tongan Youth Group sang, played music and danced to the sounds of their islands. We also really enjoyed One Mob, a group of Aboriginal men from the Arnhem region.

Demonstrating Traditional Dance.

It was an enjoyable and feel good night of food tasting from other cultures without the restaurant prices. We supported the important community project through our donation and our presence. And it allows us to dialogue with our daughter about poverty, the issues that surround it, what we can do about it and how lucky we are, to not be living in poverty.

Do you try and attend community events that support others and inspire you or your loved ones?


  1. sounds like you had a great time and what a lovely event.

  2. What a good thing you are teaching your daughter.

    Gill in Canada


  3. Thankyou for this post :) The dancers from Arnhem land are from the area where my husbands people are from (my husbands Aboriginal). Was lovely to see the dancers and so great you are keeping eco girl at these events, well done.

  4. Lovely post, and very inspiring event. I love that photo with Dolly and One Mob!


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