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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rubbish and Clutter Turned in Nifty Gifts

So here are the mystery gifts For World Teacher Day I blogged about yesterday.

Mystery Gifts
Earrings and Magnets. I used mainly recycled items except for the earring hooks and glue. Gifts are:
  1. For female Teacher; dangly Jetsons Earrings. 
  2. For the Teacher Assistant; dangly Sleeping Beauty Earrings. 
  3. For the male Student Teacher; Flinstones Fridge Magnets.
Sweet Upcycled Gifts
This is what I used:
  • Beer bottle tops - from a thirsty neighbour, 
  • Images from old calenders - I purchased at the op shop for 50 cents in 2009
  • Earring hooks (new) - purchased at Spotlight in 2009
  • Flat fridge magnet - cluttering my fridge since forever, from junk mail.
  • Craft glue - to stick image and waterproof it.
Groovy Magnets
For the cards and packaging I used scrap pieces of scrapbooking pages saved from Dolly's other crafty projects and the old calender pages.

Packaging to Match the Gifts

Sleeping Beauty Earrings in Sleeping Beauty Packet with Card.
Linking up to Recycled Fashions. Take time to click and get inspired.

So have you used up some of your clutter lately to save some of your money?


  1. Wow really impressed Frugal Down Under! How on earth did that idea come into your head? Amazing! I'm sure her teachers will be blown away with the gifts. You should make these to sell on your stall they will be a winner.

  2. I really like the magnets! The earrings would be great for them to wear to work too! Pretty sure these are the most original gifts they'll be receiving!

  3. Neat idea. That's great you don't feel compelled to spend a great deal of money. I tried to give away those flat advertising magnets forever, finally, I either tossed them, donated, or squirrelled them away somewhere.

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! they are awesome I would be thrilled if I was to receive a present like that. Can you give us a little tutorial on how you made the earrings how did you crimp the sides? I agree with Karen they should be on your stall.

  5. I am also blown away, they are fab, fab, fab.

  6. I'm most impressed you have a teachers's day. Here teachers are some where lower than politicians and rapists! I'm sure they would like a throw poo at teachers days................oh, that's every day.

  7. Very cool gifts!!
    We're going to make some magnets - but only with some fabric!!

  8. Very ingenious idea FDU!

    Thank you for sharing such a great way to recycle, I'm all for re using things to make them useful :)

  9. So creative! I am completely envious, I wouldnt have thought of it and its completely fun and original! Good on you!

  10. Hi everyone - not my idea alone. A couple of years ago I you tubed "kids making and saving money". I wanted to get ideas on how to give my daughter a financial education. While doing so I stumbled on a clip of 2 little girls making stuff like this and making a packet of $$$ and creating a business. I then entered into the search area repurposed crafts and found lots of interesting things like this. My daughter and I made a similar pair when she was 2 - she loved the hammering of the bottle tops. We just hadn't done any since. But I think I might try and get 6 pairs done for the markets.

  11. Wonderful. I have been looking for something to do with all the bottle tops I collect and this looks like just the thing I'm after.
    So glad I came to the tea party.

  12. Just wonderful!!! I really really like your bottle cap magnets, very clever! Perhaps you could make and sell them on Recycled Market???

  13. I don't k ow which is better... The calendar images or the bottle caps... I just snuck a whole heap more kids books to keep and reuse so this project might tide a few board kids over for a while.

    Ps thanks for all the love and support on my blog!!

    Xo Steph


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