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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Dedicate This Post To Dolly's Teacher, Ms Leah.

Dolly's preschool teacher Ms Leah has been the most wonderful start to schooling my daughter could have. She's smart, kind, full of fun, very loving, a great female role model, dances like no ones watching, creates with trash, encourages cultural diversity and speaks to students with respect. Everything that was important to me was enhanced by her.

We Heart Ms Leah.

I feel very sad that she will no longer be part of my daughters life (my tears are flowing). My daughter blossomed under her guidance. Dolly is very energetic but has a gentle heart. She is at times attracted to stronger children who bully her. She tells me she likes them because sometimes they are nice to her. Like all mums I worried on that 1st day of preschool. There were times at childcare my daughter would come home feeling sad and excluded with a tear running down her face. It would break my heart. With Ms Leah, Dolly's confidence grew and she has been made to feel proud of of who she is.

At preschool with Ms Leah, tolerance, difference and acceptance was promoted. The children all felt safe and were all able to grow into children ready to face the challenges of primary school. I always felt comfortable leaving my daughter in her caring hands and can only hope for more teachers like her during my daughters schooling life - however... I have worked in schools for many years and know she is a rare and special indeed. I must congratulate her parents on their remarkable achievement on creating such a special human being. But most of all I must thank Ms Leah for being the generous, kind and beautiful person she is.


Lovely Readers, Tell me about a remarkable teacher that is/was unforgettable...


  1. From one teacher to another, to Ms Leah, thank you for all you've done for Dolly xxx

  2. what a wonderful start to your daughter schooling.

  3. My eighth grade teacher, Mr. Busby, taught us all subjects. He is the person who taught me that stories are not just stories. He taught me how to find meaning in the choices of words, to feel the words. The school went from 1st grade thhrough 8th, and I moved on to high school in the city.

    In the 10th grade I was so pleased to walk into English clas and find him--my teacher. Yay!

    He graded a paper and made me so angry. I would have made 100 but he counted off one point because I made one little mistake.

    How to make a capital, cursive F and T has evaded me all my life. When I complained about the 1 point taken from my paper, he said, "Linda, you did not know how to make a cursive F in the 8th grade. You need to learn." I fretted over that for days. I still don't know which is which, so don't try to teach me...lol. I cannot remember and try never to start a sentence with T oF if am am writing in cursive.

    I loved him.

  4. How lovely to have a teacher which has given so much to Dolly, she deserves a dedicated blog post indeed. Dolly is beautiful by the way

  5. Teachers like that are never forgotten.

    Sft x

  6. What a lovely post. Dolly has had a wonderful start to her schooling, may it continue.


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