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Monday, January 2, 2012

Australian Women Spend $3000 a Year On Clothes!

Apparently the average Australian woman spends $3000 a year on clothes and accessories. I guess I'm not average. In the past 16 months I spent roughly $300 on new & second hand clothes for myself.

Yes - I like Red, White and Black!

These are the new clothing items I purchased in 2011.
  • 2 bras (far out! They are expensive pieces of fabric, lace and wire) 
  • 2 pairs of work trousers (boring - yawn...) 
  • 2 work tops (wasted money - cheap & nasty quality)
  • 1 packet of knickers (much needed)
  • 1 handbag in Paris sales (dud - doesn't like the tropical heat much)

This year I have an envelope with $180 tagged for clothes and accessories shopping for myself. I hope to have fun and funky it up a bit on this budget as I love quirky clothes with a bit of a twist. Maybe my new tentative steps in crafting will allow me to create crazy alterations to op shopped clothes. (My $20 a month budget for flipping and markets will not be part of my own clothing budget).

How much are you going to spend on clothes and accessories?
  1. $3000?
  2. Much less?
  3. Nothing at all?
Tell all - spill your beans... hang out your dirty laundry...


  1. This year I will need to get 2 more pairs of thick tights for school. Will use spending money from this month-about £5-£10 but they last for years and then when the weather improves I don't wear anything on my legs.

    If my bid to loose weight works then I will have a new wardrobe of clothes to wear to school.

    Will need new sandals for school in the summer but I have some birthday money set aside for those. The last sandals I bought were from Clarkes and they lasted years. I hope I'm lucky again.

    Don't think I need anything else, maybe a new top for Prize Giving, perhaps. That's in July.

    Sft x

  2. $3000 on clothes and accessories? I couldn't imagine! I guess, as you say, we're not all average. You've inspired me to put aside x amount of money to spend on clothes and accessories for the 2012. I'm yet to decide how much I will put aside, but will blog about this very soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Because I tend to buy alot of clothing that is inexpensive it doesnt last long. I wear singlets and shorts around the house most days so my singlets are becoming threadbare. However replacing a few singlets some knickers and maybe a pair of shorts will probably come in under $100. Include a new pair of sandals that i can dress up or down wont break the budget either!

  4. I have never stopped to think about it. To look at my wardrobe you certainly wouldn't think it was any where near the $3000 a year mark. I tend to have a $10 limit on most things, and the purchases are very few and far between. Having said that though I did just get a $150 gift voucher we I want to spend while the sales are still on to get as much value as possible

  5. I think I bought four pair of pants, about $40 total. About 6 years ago, I bought 4 pair of Clark's sandals that were discontinued and brought out the third pair this year. I bought 5 tshirt/blouses on sale for a total of 12 dollars. Last January I found sweatshirts for $1. I bought 8. They are worn as my at home and in-the-yard winter uniform. Sometimes I wear two at a time. I found a red scarf at a yard sale--$0.50. Expensive ski gloves were marked $10 and were $50. My hands get cold and wet caring for hens in the winter.That's a total of $70.50.

    Oh, this year?...probably less. I won't buy the expensive gloves, even on sale. I wait until spring clothes go on sale in the late summer to get short sleeve blouses. I do need panties/knickers.

    When I have access to my machine again, I will buy less and make more. When I lose weight, I will have soooo many cute, classic clothes.

  6. I spend about £100 a year on new clothes and shoes. I bought two pairs of work shoes in the sales last year, with a discount on top for £22 and spent £60 on work clothes, again in the sales with a discount on top. I go online, find the clothes, then look on the discount sites for free delivery codes and money off codes. I then spend a few pounds here and there in jumble sales, car boots and charity shops. I won't do this at all this year and will use up what I have.

  7. Someone is spending my share of that money!! This year I will probably need a new pair of shorts for the gym. Nothing else.
    Have way too many clothes. Too many pieces of fabric stashed away. Most of my clothes (outerwear) are from the op shop and then remodelled. It just takes time, effort, and some haberdashery. Very little talent or skill.

  8. I have a SUPER expansive wardrobe and i speand no where near that per year! This year however its a possiblity as I am working towards my new year promises. That said i will be after classic pieces that wont date AND will be making alot of my own as I move from pathetic to pin-up.

    As I know you are an avid thrifter and a dariwn, PLEASEEEEE keep an eye out for any 1950's style shoe in size 8 :) I will come to happy yess every month just to buy from you :)


  9. Ok i just thought about that again! there is NO WAY that i would spend $3000 a year on clothes! I prefer to op shop than shop retail. I plan to sew alot of my own even buying expensive material there would still be no way i would spend $3000!

  10. I'll definitely need a new pair of work shoes. The rubber has all but worn out! I received a couple of vouchers from my boyfriend's family for Christmas, so I will buy the shoes with those. As for the rest of the voucher money.. not too sure. If I see something that catches my eye I will have the money for it. I did see a jumper last year but didn't really want to spend any money - when I went back they'd sold out. :(

    I don't want to spend any actual money on clothes! I have all that I need!

  11. I guess I'm non-frugal on this, but I do have a budget of $200 per month which isn't much compared to some people. I'm quite harsh on shoes, so either need to replace regularly or buy good quality ones, and I go through stockings like nobody's business. Other than that, I try to make it go as far as I can, only shopping what's discounted. And if I want more money for something special, I can always sell on ebay.

  12. yes that is obscene, I op-shop for most clothes which is pretty guilt free.

  13. Well i worked it out too 250 a month.I would probably spend near that. I am always buying work clothing as they seem to wear through really fast. Also my weight changes so frequently i keep having to get new clothes.


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