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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Love Free Fun Activities - But Others Aren't So Excited.

After a bit more decluttering (8 items of outgrown clothing to a friends toddler) I took Dolly and her best friend to a Zumba class for 3 year olds and over (kids and adults).

Zumba Girls

It was FREE of course and run by the Government. There was only 3 other adults with 3 other children. Once again I was disappointed at the lack of people attending great free activities on offer in the community. If they are not taken advantage of, they will not be made available. It's a case of use it or loose it.

Meanwhile all over town fee paying Zumba classes are full full full! People queuing to pay their money for the privilege of following the fun trend. I have talked about people Craving to Pay here and I have a blog for Darwinites here on fun free activities,

What do you think?

Are you looking for FREE activities for yourself or children.. or are you looking to pay with your cash or credit card?


  1. I would LOVE to find a free Zumba class! I love it!! :D

  2. I love that in my area free services are used and full. It can be a bit annoying though if i havent booked us in quick enough. I think the best free service is your shire library. Not only do they offer activities other than book reading, it saves you lots of dollars

  3. I think you should help advertise these classes....word of mouth works. Also, many schools will advertise free, worthwhile programs in the community, publishing it in a take-home newspaper. Or, Dolly's school could put it on their website. Channel TV in the states posts this type program on a crawl at the bottom of the screen.

    You could even suggest the program initiate their own advertising. Either one or a combingation of both ideas would help keep the program alive.

    Now, I am off to see what Zumba is. I have heard about it and never really cared. Now, I do care what it is.

  4. I think as my Grandad would say "make hay while the sun shines"

  5. It would be great to have free activities. Where I live libraries are being closed - not because people don't use them, but because of the cutbacks- it's close those or cut services for elderly and vulnerable people. Apparently we're all in it together - but our Prime Minister and his miilionaire colleagues can afford to buy books for themselves and their children. I doubt that most of them have ever set foot inside a public library. Not so easy for the rest of us, who sometimes have to choose between heating and eating. You are very fortunate to have a government that funds such things as Zumba classes - I love the way you utilise these free activities, and give Dolly varied experiences.

  6. Hi Bryallen, It looks like fun. I may get my butt off the seat and away from my phone and join in next week :-)

    Hey Ozzie Thriftmumma, Libraires in Australia are amazing. They offer so much to read and DO. The more people see you at these activities the more they tell you abut other cool stuff happening around your community.

    Hi Practical, I tell heaps of people and send emails out too. But I think I will become of member of my own blog Darwin Hangout - In The Know and email that out to everyone who I know lives in Darwin.

    Cathy - Grandad was wise.

    Scarlet, That is so terrible!!! Cut back on books and reading!!! Bet they don't cut back on weapons and army. Educational offers, either schools or public facilities seem to always get the chop but they are the areas we need, to keep the population growing their knowledge and hopefully wisdom too for a better tomorrow. Power holders can do the wrong thing so easily!

  7. Scarlet, I second every word you said.

    I think we should all hot foot it to Darwin and join in Zumba!

    Sft x

  8. My daughter tried zumba at school at an after school club. £40 paid up front for 10 sessions.


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