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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sold My Old Uni Text Book

I sold 1 uni book this week on Fishpond.

It was an expensive purchase 4 years ago at $100. I only made $10 back on it and I regret not selling it on a uni noticeboard instead for $60. At least it's out of my home and no longer gathering dust.

Posted and Gone

Do you have any regrets about selling or giving something away?


  1. I regret selling formal dresses which I've worn to school prize giving. Why? Because I could have worn them again....

    Sft x

  2. I have been decluttering a lot lately. I'm worried that I will miss the things I give away! I think my mother instilled this into me; "oh, but so-and-so gave you that!" or "you used to love this when you were little"! Yes, but I don't need to keep every single thing I've ever been given!! RARRR!

    So yes, I worry, but I've kept the most sentimental things!

    I wrote a post about selling old textbooks not long ago. I have since sold a couple. They made about £10 each (after postage, which was A LOT!), and I probably bought them for £50-£60, so not tooo bad!

  3. Getting rid of most of my books when I emigrated to Australia.
    I really regret that but it would have cost too much to ship
    them all. Over the years I've ended up replacing quite a
    few of my favourites! Moving to another continent and having
    to decide what to do with the contents of a house does make
    you think about what is worth keeping.


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