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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Events & Outings

There are many FREE events in our town. We go to some of them for inexpensive entertainment. This allows us to take part in fun activities individually or as a family while saving our money for mortgage, travel, retirement and the important things in life.

Recently we went to a Easter Egg Hunt and Fun Day offered by the City Council. This was so much fun for Dolly who was loaded up with chocolates, lollies, bandanna, wallet, stickers and other small gifts. There were craft stations, face painting, jumping castles, waterslides and outdoor play activities. We participated in many of the choices available. It was all FREE.

We spent over 3 hours at the event and kept our spending down by bringing our own packed lunch and water bottles. I wanted our lunch to be a treat too so I splurged on fresh baguette, smoked ham and cornichons. We had 1 large generously filled sandwich, a fruit each and a large bag of chips to share. The cost was $8AUS for the 3 of us. A bargain compared to the usual food available at community events and no waiting in long hot queues for greasy selections.

I'm interested to know are you taking advantage of FREE events in the area you live in? What about packed lunches? Do you find yourself going to events with your own food or buying something there because bringing your lunch is too hard or maybe you want to support small local businesses?

Remember to keep having fun, even in frugality :-)

Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. Hi - missed your blog, xxxx nice to hear you've been having such a good time xx

  2. Is that actually a picture of Dolly at the Easter egg hunt? Terrific photo!

    Unfortunately, there are not a lot of FREE events in my small town.

  3. Hi Frugal Queen, Thanks for your kind comment. I've been having insomniac nights and not able to get a good routines going as my mind is foggy and over active at present.

    Hi Caroline, Yes that's my Dolly eating her homemade sandwich at the Easter Egg Hunt and Activities. I can't take the credit for the lovely shot - my partner took it. It's too bad about not having many Free activities in your town. Our town is gearing up for the dry season - so they will increase with free outdoor movies, festivals and exhibitions. In June, July and August it's overwhelming as there is so much FREE things to do it's hard to choose what to do.

  4. We participate in the freebies! We have a Scarecrow festival that is well attended, Christmas switch on of lights, Halloween festival, Music festival and other random events as ,in my wee town. Some of the activities within the festivals charge - But they are pretty cheap - £2 pp for the spooky bus, christmas bus, Scarecrow bus - a local company hires out old fashioned Dreadnought style buses so I don't mind. We take our own food unless the local WI is doing something for charity - I like a bit of home baking and its always cheap as chips.

    We have also have folk festivals. Not as overwhelming as your town but a reasonable amount. We also have some Fetes and then the country shows. However the Shows charge an entrance fee. You need to pick the right Show for cheapness but quality entertainment. You can watch Dog trials, see the animals on show ( best pig, sheep, cow etc some goats are typically there) In Newcastle there is an annual pride festival as well which is alway fabulous with feree music, comedy acts, dancing, craft activities for the kids etc etc

  5. When there are free events or even cheap ones we often go as I am of the mind that if the community supports the few we have, it may encourage more free events in our town. Since our town only has about 14000 people we really have to relish the events when we can!

  6. I do go to free events. And, I carry something to eat. Often, it is just nuts, slices of chunk cheese, or some other simple thing like fruit. If I do buy something, it is usually a $2 purchase for me. The expensive items break my budget! Yes, I do carry a water bottle! I have an amazing little cooler, just like big coolers, but only holds one can of Coke, so I can slip that into my bag with things to keep me filled without cost. Things i might carry--sliced apple, few grapes, banana, cheese, little chunks of chicken I baked, nuts in shell (pistachio) or shelled (pecans). I can even make a little chicken salad and a fruit salad. I will throw Romaine in for the chicken salad and have a feast for free.

    That is a really cute picture of Dolly.

  7. We usually go to most events but usually there are drinks and food provided usually because everyone brings a plate or dish of food.

  8. I have no children at home now, so going out for coffee is not too expensive at $2 for a Seniors coffee at our local shopping centre. I take full advantage of my local library where I can sit and listen to speakers, for free.
    Every year we get all the family together for Candles by Candlelight, take all our own food and enjoy a free evening with entertainment....


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