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Friday, April 6, 2012

Kony 2012

I know Kony 2012 has caused much debate and criticism. The issue is complex and has been shown too simply. But I just want to view my thoughts on why I support this movement.

Firstly it has grabbed global attention and woken many people from their long sleep on Child Rights. It has started the discussions. It is using social media for a human rights cause. And all of those things rock me.

For too long celebrities and brands have been in the spotlight and attention of our people. Celebrities twitting about what they just bought or did. People Face Booking and liking brands. Everywhere we turn we are bombarded by images, symbols and products of celebrities and brands.

Now one organisation is the using the same social media tactics to gain attention for the plight of disadvantaged children that are enslaved for sexual servitude or to become child soldiers, forced to kill their loved ones and communities. Putting aside all the criticism towards the organisation I think working for the rights of humans with passion is worthy. I also don't see it as a competition of one organisation is better then another organisation. Instead I see one man who had the vision and passion to do something instead of nothing. And that I applaud.

What I also find formidable he has targeted his audience well. Youth. Many have disposable income, passion, time and ready to act. They also form cliques and group quickly. They are our tomorrow and will need to clean up our world mess with fierce determination. They are my hope for a better future for my daughter and our planet. I'm a dreamer but dreams can become reality.

I hope when my time comes, I go to dust with pride and satisfaction in how I spent my time on this earth. Right now I don't feel that, but I am making changes to get back to what is important to me because somehow I forgot in the daily grind.

Do you have any people or organisations that inspire you to do better?

In Peaceful Activism,

Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. I am inspired and motivated by anyone and any organization that advances the rights and opportunities of women and girls. Since women are the ones with the greater burden of caring for children, advancing rights and education of women, advances the well-being of children. Of course, half these children are boy children, so the well-being of men are not left out of the equation.

    Micro-loans given to women in developing nations help the family more than loans given to men. Studies have found that women spend almost 100% on their families, whereas, men spend less than half on their families.

    Educating women in third world countries to only the third grade results in women more capable of finding healthcare for their children, improving mortality rates and general well-being.

    Girls in sports make generally make better grades, engage in sex later,avoid pregnancy, are less depressed, and have a whole host of advantages that we would like to see for girls.

    Okay, off my soap box.

  2. Hi Practical, I'm a fan of micro loans too. I am very inspired with what Yanus did with micro loans to Women through the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. I know he has lots of criticism in his homeland and by many others and I understand what they are saying - however his concept is strong and has brought much to extremely poverty stricken rural communities.

    I loan money through KIVA and try aim for women 1st unless a man has an interesting project or is from a country where women are not listed for loans due to cultural barriers. I also have a sponsor child (20yrs old) in Haiti - I took her on as a teen sponsor as they are often dropped by sponsors who prefer cute little girls or boys. Her photo was looked like a hard, unsmiling sour faced youth so I picked her.

    Supporting women usually ripples through the whole community as women often help and educate other women and care for neighbours children too. It's amazing (and sad) the better stats on education, health, social and economic benefits sponsoring women over men are.

  3. Hi Stephanie, I agree with you on this. The publicity generated has made the issue front and centre in the media and it's a great example of the power of social media. Of course there have been some problems, but that shouldn't stop people trying to fight injustice in whatever ways they can. reminds me of that saying " all that is required for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing"
    (The video you've posted won't play (I'm in Aus) so may o/s readers can see it.)

  4. I put a link on my blog and I think raised awareness.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sft x


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