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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Peanut

Over the weekend I began to prepare my garden plot for the dry season planting as this is the optimal fortnight to place our seeds and seedlings in the ground.

I harvested 2 of my peanut plants that I had planted from peanuts about 6 months ago. I thought I had very little however I watched a few You Tube clips and discovered a good plant has about 40 peanuts. I was successful after all as I have more then 40 peanuts per plant.

For children and others without peanut allergies this is a fun snack to grow. Easy to maintain, exciting to see the plant being pulled out of the ground and a short growing period.

This Easter long weekend I will be planting tomatoes, cucumbers, winged beans and other edibles that take my fancy. What about you? Tell me where you live, what season you are in and what are you growing and harvesting. Looking forward to hearing about your attempts and successes.

Have a Happy Day,
Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I have always wanted to grow peanuts - they say pinto peanuts fix nitrogen in the soil - is that what you grew? I think we are going to have quite a cold winter (for us) I have already planted carrots, harlequin carrots, radishes, bush beans, snow peas, roma, tropical and yellow cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, tokyo cabbage and kailaan, oh and a few zuchini. I am oplanting small amounts of a greater variety this year, and also practicing succession planting, so I an get an extended crop..

  2. We have done most of our planting now.
    Salad leaves, basil and rosemary. Leeks, onions, carrots, parsnips, 2 types of potato, strawberries, redcurrants and raspberries.

    We hoping for a good harvest.

    Sft x

  3. Wow,that's fantastic growing your own Peanut's,wish i could!i'm in Adelaide so i don't think we have the right climate,but i really don't know for sure!Happy Easter!

  4. morning, i have loads of seeds on the go,hoping to have a bumper crop this year, would love to grow peanuts, going to have a look on ebay now.I see you have adsense now, ive done my bit,if your over at mine would love you to return the favour.
    take care and nice to see you back in blogland

  5. Okay, I only know where Carol lives!

    I am in N Alabama, USA. The calendar says it is early spring. But, things that bloom in May have already bloomed and the blossoms are gone. I have lots of seeds and none germinating-bell peppers, cayenne, basil, strawberry. My potatoes are growing well where the tomatoes were last year. I have one strawberry plant, just because. I am in the process of killing it!

  6. Here in Derbyshire in the UK I've just started off tomotoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, courgettes and butternut squash. The plants are just starting to grow. In the next week or so I'm going to put in runner beans and some lettuces - I've just got to watch out for slugs!

  7. Hello *friendly wave* haven't been down here for awhile, looks like you're doing great - cycling and all!
    Well I've been holding off on the planting. Many had been tempted, as we have had a VERY unseasonal super-warm and dry spring - last week we hit 21c/70f and the neighbours were all out bbq-ing. This week the temperature plummeted and we now have - snow and ice!
    So I think my sowings of salad leaves, beans, peas and herbs can stay in their packets for a couple of weeks yet!
    Happy Easter:)
    pamela xxx

  8. Inspiring, I didn't know it was so easy to grow peanuts! Would like to try this, love peanuts!

  9. Hi AfricanAussie, I'm not sure what peanuts I grew. However I know you can grown raw peanuts from a bag from the supermarket. I planted them to fix nitrogen in my poor thickly wood chipped soil that needed a lot of attention. I've planted radishes this week - cross my fingers on this goodie.

    SFT, I wish I could plant leeks - I think it's just too hot here.

    Carol in Adelaide
    Erica Louise in Melbourne - places in the USA with cold winters are able to grow peanuts for 4 months before the grounds frosts so I think you should be able to grown them too. You Tube Peanut growing/harvesting. You should get some great tips to colder climates.

    Never to Old, Don't go on Ebay and spend too much on seed and postage - just find bags of raw peanuts in your supermarket or health food shop. They should grow!

    Hi Practical, I love potatoes and strawberries. Strawberries are about $5 a small punnet here - so I don't buy them often. I only know 1 person who's had success growing them here in the tropics.

    Tawney, Lucky you with your lettuce. I don't know if it's the harsh sun here - but most of the other gardeners lettuces turned out very bitter last year. Not pleasant at all. We have to watch out for Scrub Turkeys that dig everything out as the Goannas are being decimated by the Cane Toads. The Goannas used to eat the Scrub Turkey eggs keeping down the population.

    HippyHat, It seems everyones weather has been a bit off balance. Our wet season was late this season and it rained just 2 days ago here when it should be at an end now it's March. I planted chokes 2 weeks ago but they died because it rained. I may try again this weekend.


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