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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flying High - Flying Scared.

Hi Everyone,

My job on occasion gives me gives me wonderful opportunities for adventure. I went to the Kakadu region. Due to the recent rains and high tides we were unable to head to our destination by car as the river was too deep and fast, so we booked a small 3 seater plane.

I have a fear of flying since my Dolly was born. Each time I fly for a holiday I sit in my seat, squeezing my hands and think of one terrible scenario after the other. I used to mock people who had a fear of flying and now I am one of them - it's a terrible holder backer and my mind goes on overdrive making me sick with worry.

Well this time I got myself giggly with nerves a few times, hoped in the plane, buckled up and tried to enjoy the amazing opportunity. I squeezed my hands, thought my horrible thoughts but also pushed myself to look at the scenery in wonderment. People pay lots of dollars for these gorgeous scenic flights and here I was getting the same amazing opportunity without having to pull out my own purse.

Beautiful Kakadu

These Wetlands are full of Wildlife including Large Crocodiles.

On the 20 minute flight back I was less nervous, there were a few more bumps, but I sat next to the same friendly pilot who had gained my confidence with his kind and calming manner which made a big difference to flight enjoyment.

Touching Land.

All Over - Now an Easy 2 and 1/2 Hour Drive to Reach Home. (Happy Pilot in the background).

So here I am, happy to have been on my 1st ever small plane, seen some wonderful scenery and maybe a bit more confident to get on another plane sometime in the future.

Has your work ever given you an opportunity for travel, professional development, education, samples or anything else that makes working just that little sweeter?

Look forward to hearing your stories,

Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. I just got a free pen and coaster for my coffee mug yesterday - does that count? that looks like an amazing flight - glad that you could enjoy it in the end.

  2. I had a week in Atlanta and stayed at a nice hotel, but never went to Underground or anywhere...lol. I love going to conventions! The college I worked for paid for three graduate courses at Auburn University...all three beyond the MA I already had. Those three courses made it possible for me to get interviews as head of departments at colleges. Sweet deal....

    Being a vendor at trade shows (before university degrees) was great, and I did visit Underground Atlanta several times.

    I have been in a two-seater and was terrified. Huge air craft frighten me but not as much as the smaller one.

  3. lucky you, what a fab post xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx droogs xxx

  4. That flight looks amazing! What an opportunity. Good for you.

    I went on a residential trip with some older school children last year. It was in beautiful North Devon. I got to go kayaking and rafting but my highlight was a rib ride! That was crazy, especially when I took the steering wheel.

    Sft x

  5. Hi Stephanie, wow, what an incredible journey, look at that view out of your plane window!! Isn't it funny that sometimes, becoming a mother, can spark a fear that would otherwise lay dormant. Since my son was born, I've developed a rather irrational fear of heights, the thought of even checking out the Eureka tower in Melbourne fills me with utter dread, I wouldn't do it.

    I feel very privileged in my life, as in my previous job, I'd travel around the world, live in remote communities, and recruit volunteers to assist with community development, teaching under privileged communities, and helping wildlife conservation projects. I loved my job, every single day, and felt so utterly humbled on every international journey. It may sound ridiculous, but I think that job sculptured the person I am today.

    Look forward to your next blog post, sorry if I've not checked in as much as I have previously, when did life get so busy?!

  6. oh wow, what a great 'work' trip! I have trips to Sydney or Melbourne for work, not nearly as exciting as Kakadu!

  7. wow how wonderful. And now you can say to Dolly there isnt anything to be afraid of!

    I have only travelled a small amount with work. Nothing on a plane that is for sure. Have been to Scotland for work, that is it.

  8. African Aussie, Anything that saves you a dollar and gives you ease or a smile if a good perk in my books.

    Hi Practical, I had to look up Underground Atlanta as I had no idea what it was. It seems to be a shopping and entertainment district? I would not go either as I am beginning to dislike shopping more and more.

    Thanks for popping in Froogs, It was Fab and I appreciate how lucky I am.

    Hi SFT, I googles Rib Rides - it's a power boat? I went on a power boat a couple of years ago in Vietnam. The captain nearly wiped us out by speeding and nearly crashed us; he swerved to miss a boat, then swerved again to miss the bank and large tree, then swerved to miss another larger boat and sped us through a narrow passage between 2 smaller boats. I thought it was the end of us. After that he slowed right down and stopped mucking around in front of the mirror trying on his sunglasses and various hats. So we made it. We returned to Ho Chi Minh on an old plane with a unconscious person on a hospital bed and a team of nurses near us. It was surreal.

    Erica Louise, I'm envious. I wanted so much to be a community development worker in Asia Pacific. But now it's too late. I would not do that work now that I have my daughter.

    Louise, It's all relative. Sydney or Melbourne sounds pretty exciting. Beautiful beaches, museums and theatre.

    Sol, I've never been to Scotland. It's on my to do list before I'm 120 years old :-)


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