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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Local Farmers Market in the Making.

I attended a meeting for a Local Farmers Market. Currently we don't have a market dedicated to the actual growers and local produce artisans. The majority of the produce in our supermarkets is from other places on the other side of Australia or overseas and our small local markets have a great deal of interstate produce.

I'm hoping the Local Farmers Market will eventuate and be a success - however I must voice my concern that it's being proposed at a large shopping centre. I dislike large shopping centres that are aimed at the gluttony of consumerism as entertainment and have very little sustainable/ecological values. I would prefer a Local Farmers Market to be in a public community area with green grass underfoot if possible. My query is; "Why is the biggest glossiest shopping centre in my state offering to host a small market with 30 stalls of local produce?"

At the meeting I found that even though the Local Farmers Market is in discussing mode and a proposal only, it felt like it was already a done deal and that the Local Farmers Market spokes person from interstate was already in bed with the large Shopping Centre's Management. Mmm got me thinking - a lot. I want the market on one hand (I would love a small stall), however it does't feel right. The meeting organisers didn't inspire a feeling of community, grass roots or looking after our local growers and consumers - which I had hoped it would include.

What do you think? Have you ever been part of a Local Farmers Market or do you shop at one? Please share your insights. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

As usual I've been over busy with work, family, studies, thinking a lot and co-ordinating a fundraising event in our Snake Bean Community Garden this Sunday. If you live in Darwin - please come to the Botanical Gardens 20 May 2012 9:00am to 1:00pm; buy a fair trade cup of coffee or organic tea and say Hello :-)

Have a Eco Frugal Day,

Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. oh I agree with you! thats completely out of sync with what a farmers market stands for. Ours is held at the local showground. It's just two blocks from the shopping centres so not far to go, but it's outside and a nice relaxed atmosphere, it if rains they use one of the large shed.

  2. Hiya! Whilst on the one hand, I think it's great that you will possibly be getting a farmer's market, I think that a large shopping mall is completely the WRONG place for one!

    I've been to a few different ones. One was in a school playground in a suburb of Cardiff (capitol city of Wales), one was on the riverfront near Cardiff city centre, and one was on the outskirts of Truro (the only city in Cornwall, where I live), in a field normally reserved for a cattle market!

    I think if it is in a shopping centre, it will draw the wrong people and those who would normally use a farmer's market will probably feel intimidated by the likely inflated prices.

  3. Our local Farmers Market is in a park, surrounded by grass and trees. Just the right setting for it I think, you really feel as if you are getting back to nature.
    You can bet your boots there must be something in it for the Shopping Centre

  4. I agree with you that the shopping centre is the wrong location.
    Could it be allied with the Nightcliff Markets or the Rapid Creek Markets? Coolalinga is too far.
    How many days will it run? Just Sundays like most farmers' markets?
    Many markets have been proposed around the Darwin area and have closed after only a few months.
    I think any new market should run alongside an established concern to attract the customers, but it must be outside.
    Why not phone the local radio stations in the breakfast sessions and voice your concerns. Get everything out in the open. You have the balls to do this.

  5. Ours is run by a crew who organise big food festival type events, it is very controlled (can't sell before the 9am bell, all the stalls look the same, only a certain number of each type of stall allowed) but having such a variety of Tasmanian produce (dairy, salmon, free range meat, apples, honey etc)takes the edge off the controlled atmosphere, I really enjoy going with my boys (who like to interrogate stall holders as to how their food is grown and cadge samples and dance to the busking folk musicians.It's great to have it all in the one place despite my misgivings.

  6. I have thought about this. There is someone who hopes to profit. I imagine the stores will try to capitalize on the market shoppers and draw them away, maybe undercut prices in the grocery stores. This is just wrong, all wrong. My town is proud of the freedom of the farmer's market in a venue not associated with a commerical venture. I am sure many others are proud of their markets, no matter the venue as long as it is not in a shopping center. Outdoors where children can walk, people can talk and the atmosphere is warm and sort of farmsy. People here back into a shed of sorts that has only a roof and floor. They back their trucks to table the city provides and sell right there. They don't have to completely unload trucks and haul the produce to a shopping center table, across parking lot and up a curb. They can easily restock their table from the truck behind them. Maybe the inconvenience to elderly farmers might be pointed out. HA! That is an inconvenience to any farmer, young or old.


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