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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm watching a movie - The Power of Community

I'm currently under the stars watching a movie on a solar run screen. The FREE film is about peak oil and the changes Cuba had to make after US embargoes. It was a question of survival.

*** Edited my post as I'm home now and found the doco on You Tube if you are interested in watching it. Click HERE.

I'm fascinated by Cuba and would love to travel there. I don't see Cuba with rose coloured glasses as I know there are a number of Human Right abuses and also a very high censorship of media in the country. However in a world that has rapidly depleting oil wells, we can learn from some of the changes they have made. 

Have you seen any other informative docos we can learn from? Or enjoyed a FREE movie under the stars? Or been to Cuba?

Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. Hi Stephanie!

    I watched most of the film, the part about Cuba's solution was very interesting.

    I remember visiting Cuba-about 12 years ago now.

    Very little 'eating out' available then! I ate many omelettes with salad I remember.

    Thanks for passing on the information. It certainly is food for thought (excuse the pun)and we really do need to change the way we think in the UK.

    Sft x

  2. I visited Cuba about ten years ago. Very interesting and pretty country. They do so much with so little (as do many countries that are considered third world)

  3. I finally got to watch the whole series of 4 short films. Remember the information when you put commercial fertilizer on your garden. You may not use commercial fertilizer. It is amazing how Cuba went from a nation of tractors and commercial fertilizers and pesticides and hunger to a nation that has organic food and better health.

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