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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I purchased beetroots with their leaves recently and thought how lush the leaves were and what a shame it is to compost them. After thinking well I eat delicious pumpkin stems and leaves from my garden so maybe... Therefor I googled and found out that I can eat my beetroot leaves!

And not only that but I can eat my radish leaves instead of throwing them back in the garden. And for those of you in colder climates; Eat your carrot tops! Those pretty feathery leaves are edible too.

There is so much we can eat and yet we toss out. Instead we purchase other greens that are marketed for our consumption and ignore the ones that have slipped our knowledge. But before you do go eating your leaves, research it first! Not all greens are safe, some leaves are toxic. So do eat your greens but do your reading first.

Have you been eating your leaves?

Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. What interesting info you have found out! And I didn't know that about carrot leaves. Thank you.

    Sft x

  2. I knew about beetroot leaves - you can even get varieties specifically grown for their leaves. Carrot tops is news to me though, makes sense given what it's related to though http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apiaceae. I recently learnt about eating broccoli leaves.

  3. A lot of pre-packaged salads at the minute are using beetroot leaves and stalks too. They are really tasty and add a nice hit of colour to a salad!

    Didn't know that you can eat carrot leaves though! I would try it... but something has beaten me too it in my garden :(

    One thing that we just added to salad was nasturtium leaves and flowers. I knew they were edible but hadn't tried them. They are a little peppery but tasty, and the flowers have a little bit of nectar at the bottom which was a nice sugary twang! :)

  4. I have eaten all the above leaves from my home grown veggies in the past.I also eat lots of the seedlings when I "thin out" the growing plants.Lettuce, radish,herbs,beetroot are all great when added to salads. I have also used the outer leaves from cabbages etc picked off whilst they are still growing and sliced and added to casseroles and stir fries.
    You can also snip bits from the green stems of onions, spring onions and garlic and chop then to use in cooking like you do with chives,garlic scapes are good to eat too :)

  5. I've recently heard about darrot tops so I tried them in a salad. Delicious, and they looks lovely when the salad was mixed up.

  6. Thanks for all your comments. I love blogging it's such a sharing of knowledge experience.


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