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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Clutter Issues.

With all this eco frugality I'm finding I am holding on to stuff more then I need to. I see a use for everything. I also can't stand the thought of my stuff becoming landfill if it's not good enough to go back into circulation through Freecycle, hand me downs, selling off or charity shops. It's illogical I know because the most important real-estate and zen place should be our home.

Recently Dolly and I had a good sort-out of her toy boxes with great success and no regrets. Dolly decided on her own what she would keep or let go. I thought she was wonderful as she knew exactly how she felt about her items.

Dolly's Toy Clutter Sorted.

The sorted toys went straight into bags for giving to friends, school and op shop. The op shop bag was donated straight away so that it was gone and no longer taking up valuable space.

One Bag on it's Way Down the Street, Pronto.

It was very motivating and she inspired me to get rid of some of my stuff too. I was able to fill up a bag of mixed items (not pictured). But I will be honest and say this was not done easily. I found excuses for each item of why I should not get rid of it. I stood my ground with myself... this time, and the stuff went.

Our home is a small flat with no storage room, no shed, no garage and very limited space. We live in a country where most families with children live in houses full of nooks and crannies to store stuff and can hold on to things for the day they need it. We can't have that mentality as we just don't have the room and we are drowning in stuff. Looking back at photos dating 4 years ago, we didn't have all this stuff. Our home was empty and incredibly peaceful. Clutter in our home is cluttering our mind as we struggle to find the important stuff in all the rubbish stuff.

Are you a messy clutter bug too? Do you find clutter in your home wastes your time and fogs your mind? If not... how do you get rid of stuff easily if you are a eco frugalista? Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.


  1. I've donated loads of stuff since moving home, and sold a fair bit on eBay too. It's easy to get rid of stuff I am no longer attached to, but it's a lot harder when it has sentimental value. I don't know what to do with the (several) toys that my mother made me - some are pretty big!

    I have done pretty well though, and it makes it easier knowing it's going somewhere where it will be used and wanted, rather than just getting in the way here!

  2. Its really hard to get go of stuff, you've done well, and I must say I'm most impressed by Dolly's efforts too, particularly as she decided on her own.

    I find it very difficult to get rid of my stuff, which isn't the best considering we are in a similar situation, small unit, no storage. It's something I've got to work on.

  3. Hiya, nice blog and great post!
    I'm a clutter bug lol i keep everything and anything, i have just recently started sorting through things to give to charity and to sell though, so i shall be clutter free soon or at least clutter less lol.

  4. I know what you mean! What do you do with stuff that isnt really good enough to give away but you don't need it anymore? I have to admit that our garage has a couple of boxes of "might be useful one day" things but they will only be useful if I remember what is in them. It is sometimes hard to recognise when rubbish is rubbish if you know what I mean.

  5. I need to attack our clutter once more. I have just sorted out my book case. It's still full however but before it was overflowing :0

    You make lots of valuable points in this post. About how clutter clutters the mind too.

    Less clutter means being more organised and gives you more time and greater freedom.

    Thanks to you and Dolly for the inspiration.

    Sft x

  6. Doesn't it feel wonderful to lighten the load? Over the past few years I have sold or given away a houseful of furniture ( or at least it feels that way!) as we moved into a very small Queenslander and it was all cluttering the verandahs. I felt an amazing enlightenment, like a weight had really been lifted off my shoulders. We are still working our way through much more stuff, just today we dragged out larger bits and pieces ( bean bag, old pouffe, old bike, rusty left handed golf clubs etc) onto the front nature strip and our next door neighbour took the lot!! We love the feeling of freedom we are achieving. I dont want to be attached to household goods anymore. The sentimental stuff is a different story. Also one day I would love to liv in an apartment, so mentally and physically preparing.Yay!!

  7. Hi I think decluttering is something that needs working on each day. As if you do not watch out it slowly creeps back in. In my last house I was more of a clutter bug. In this home I rent my garage out for £80.00 a month. That it a great benefit of not having enough clutter !.
    Dolly did very well with her clear out. My son is good at letting go of things. I love car boot sales which is not ideal when you are striving to get to the point where you have a clutter free home!
    ps love your blog & glad I found it

  8. Some people find it helpful to set a limit on the space they allow for the problem items. That way you have to prioritize the items. I'm still at the stage of getting all the things that are alike rounded up in one place to see how much I have, so I'm not speaking from experience, but it's what I will be trying when I get to that point :)


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