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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grey Nomads.

In Australia it has become popular to retire, pack up the van and hit the road for months and even years. These older travellers are called Grey Nomads. They are in the thousands and travel from one end of Australia to the other, zig zagging their way through adventures. Frugal Adventures.

It looks like the good life. Self sufficient, some renting their homes out to pay for the trip, others using up their savings and proudly displaying stickers stating they are using their kids inheritance. I love it! That' what I want to do I grow up.

I'd be the one with a cute van painted up in bright fun splotches. I'd have a little herb garden in a few pot plants sitting on the front step when we're parked. I'd have a washing line sticking out on the side, with fluttering frilly knickers decorated in skulls and cross bones. I'd have music to compliment my mood, a bit of punk, a bit of classic, a bit of pop.... Now back to reality.

Recently 2 Grey Nomads parked in our car spot. They are zig zagging around Australia and couch surfing for facilities. I don't often have Grey Nomads asking for my hospitality via couchsurfing so I just couldn't refuse something out of the ordinary. I always like a bit of spice in my life and this couple were interesting, adaptable and extremely young at heart. The age difference was not really there as they were so interested and passionate about a diverse range of topics that piqued my interest.

Let me introduce them into your lives through one of their Blogs. Australians, maybe you might offer them your car spot or back yard for a couple of days. I recommend them.

Taking a chance and opening your door to strangers can be a very worthwhile and enriching experience. However be safe, read references and always tell your neighbours what you're up to :-)

Cheers To Happy Frugal Travel,

Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. There ae people in the US that drive a bus-xized camper and pull a car. That looks like a nightmare for me. I am probably way in the minority of old people who do not think of this as an adventure. However, I can appreciate their love of choice and of the health to do it all. I went to the blog and enjoyed the guy throwing the spear. What was he aiming at?

    That woman is well-traveled--UK to NZ to AU. I don't think I am that adaptable...lol. At least her chilren are not in UK.

    I like your herb garden, clothes line, knickers and music.

  2. Sounds great! I'd like to do something like that too! Maybe even one summer, rather than waiting so long!

  3. Pauline and Jack loved this post. i have always wanted to patch up any rust spots with a bit of zinc rich paint and cover that with some psychedlic flowers, but My pommepal is not as crazy as me.When this van gets in need of a paint job I may be able to convince her by refering to your post. You have a good post i will have a better look at it in time.

  4. Hi Stephanie, love the blog, thanks for the link I have had a number of people come over for a look-see. With your frugal saving schemes it won't be long before you are on the Grey Nomad trail but at a much younger age...I am having trouble finding your CS site to put a reference and friend request in.


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