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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Little Fruity.

Hello Frugalites,

My local market has a variety of fresh produce. Some of it has a huge amount food miles as it comes from interstate but some of it is local. I have learnt to not be shy and to ask questions regarding the more unusual looking items on offer.  How to cook it, how does it grow, where does it come from, did the person grow it themselves and were sprays used - are some of my questions. This way I gain knowledge and get to try new things.

I've also realised over time that buying produce from my local market is in fact cheaper then my local supermarkets. They don't have all the cooler weather staples that I like to cook with (carrots, broccoli) but they sure do have interesting and delicious offers that I include in my meals. Here is a picture of the produce I purchased last Sunday.

Local Fruit Selection

Do you recognise all the fruits? I've listed them below for you (starting from the top and going clockwise) and their approximate cost. 
  • 2 Pawpaws - AUS$6.50
  • Bananas - $2.00
  • Lemons (green) $2.00 (Lemons are currently $1 each in the supermarket)
  • Eggfruit $1.50
  • Breadfruit $2.50
  • Guava $2.50
Both the breadfruit and eggfruit were a 1st time purchase for me. The eggfruit has a texture of egg yolk  from a hard boiled egg. I thought it tasted like an egg rich sponge cake. The breadfruit I gave to my mum as she was interested trying it. She said it quite bland - but then so is bread unless you top it with a flavoursome topping.

I'm expanding my palate, buying local, being eco and it's super frugal too as the prices are much lower then the supermarket. I'm happy with myself when I make the time to go to my local market.

Do you have interesting produce at your local market? Do you grow, eat and use the fruits above? I would love to know the hows and whats if you do.

Happy Days To You,

Stephanie @ Frugal Down Under



  2. Years ago when I went to a certain market, I was duped regularly. Okay, only once or twice until I caught on. I asked about pesticides. The guy said that was the only way to kill bugs. I passed. The next vegetable he declared pest free. I bought. So, the next week quite a few vendors volunteered their produce was not sprayed. I caught on. After that, every vendor volunteered they had not sprayed. Needless to say, because of their lying, I quit going to that market.

  3. I love local markets. There's a community one I go to, on twice a month, that I get home made bread, home made pasta and my fruit and veg from. The bread is amazing, but as it's preservative free must be used that weekend. The fruit and veg are about half the price in the supermarket - they are all produce that 'didn't make the grade' (cucumbers that have curled, capsicum that are too small, avocadoes with thin skin), but are tasty and fresh, and bought from the farmer. Occasionally I need to supplement this with store bought, as they only sell what they have access to.

    I figure what I save on the veg, I can put towards buying free range / outdoor bred / organic / cruelty free meat (which sadly is dearer than regular meat, but sits better on my conscience).


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