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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Extravagant Costs of Underwear

Hi Frugalicious People,

Why is it that underwear is so EXPENSIVE?! A bit of stretch fabric and maybe some lace to pretty it up. Each year when I look for a couple of new items I am shocked at the ridiculous prices. Being on the Rubenesque side of things, I can not find inexpensive little numbers. So paying 50% of my food budget to hold my boobs up?! Is a No Way - I don't think so, situation - well this week that's for sure because I'm feeling extra frugalicious.

With an increasing need to lift my Balcony to better heights I wandered into an op shop near a public library I was visiting and there... behold my eyes, was a rack of brand spanking new bras for $6.99. Original Target price tags of $39.99 still attached. I tell you, those who look and wait an extra day are often happily rewarded!

So my lovely Blogland friends go and take a look at your local charity shops - there might be some brand new underwear in your size just waiting to help your body lift its game.

Are you willing to go looking in your local charity shop for that tiny bit of stretchy fabric?

To all ladies having to pay the extra costs for having extra flesh (like I do) I wish you luck on your hunt,

Stephanie @ Frugal Down Under.
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  1. Yes, the prices are quite ridiculous, so much for so little. Luckily for me I haven't got much up top, I gave up wearing boob supports four years ago, so I save a lot of money on undies. I noticed they have quite a good selection in our charity shops, so anyone needing them would do well to grab a bargain.

  2. Another one of my pet hates, underwear shopping ! I hate it and I am in your camp also except my balcony is more like tower bridge. Hopefully if I can lose weight I can lose some in that department as well.

  3. I get my bras at the supermarket. They're actually better quality than the ones in most of the high-street shops. I would buy a brand new bra in a charity shop, but I don't know about second hand.

  4. I never had that much to hold up, and until the last two years could pass the "pencil test." Do you know about that? The "rule" in the 60s was that if you could put a pencil under your breast and it fell out, you did not need a bra.

    The last bra I bought (20 years ago) was only stretch lace and could be wadded and contained in my fist. Then, this little $3.99 number was discontinued. Doesn't that always happen?--you find something that is perfect and it's gone.

    Have you ever heard of the "pencil test?"

    So, I made my own bras from scraps of nylon fabric. I only wore it for work, to keep down the jiggle factor. I suppose my bras cost $1.

    I have never looked, but have never seen new bras in a thrift store.


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