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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dinner Out with Sparkles.

Tonight I went out to dinner and sparkled!

I caught up with three friends that I rarely see. The last time we went out to dinner together was 2 years ago so this is not a regular the girls go to dinner event at all. I was ok to pull out some of my money ($35 to be precise), for a lovely meal and catch up with two years worth of chatter. At the end of the meal we asked for the left overs to be boxed up to take home which they kindly did. In the past I have been to restaurants that serve huge portions and yet refuse to box up left overs stating it's a health risk. What do you think?

Tonight I also wore "new" sparkly shoes out to dinner. I splurged and purchased a pair of shabby chic flats with plenty of bling at my local op shop for a tidy sum of $1.00. Yep, that's right one whole dollar! You can't get much for $1 in my town, however my local op shop had a $1 sale on shoes, dresses and trousers so I went heady and purchased a pair of shoes and 2 dresses. There's a few stones missing on my pretty shoes which I will try to replace from my broken jewellery craft stash to give them a second chance to glimmer brightly.

Oooh I so love my new shoes and their feminine prettiness.

So let me know... would you ask to take leftovers in a restaurant or is that too tacky and cheap? If you do and they refuse what do you think of that? Is food wastage in restaurants acceptable? I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Stephanie @ Frugal Down Under


  1. Its your food you've paid for it. I've seen some places charge a small fee for the container but whats the difference if you eat it half an hour later at the restaurant or half an hour later at home ? By the way the shoes are lovely :-)

    1. That's a interesting concept to pay for the container. I'd be happy to do that. Yes I think my shoes are lovely too :) Happy Dance.

  2. Where I live (western US) every restaurant I've ever been to offers to box up the leftovers for you to take home. I can't even imagine one refusing to, so that was a very new idea for me. Seems like you've paid for the food and it's your choice to take home or not.
    Love your shoes!

    1. Hi Charisse, One restaurant this happened was in Melbourne Australia and they told us that it was a health risk to reheat the food and that we would then sue them if e got sick. I asked what was the difference with me taking takeaway food home...

  3. Hi Stephanie
    I have just popped over from Rhonda's blog.
    YES it is more than ok to ask for the left overs, who has paid for them afterall? My husband and I go to a local restuarant and they are only too happy to parcel up the leftovers for us! It keeps us going back there - apart from the fact that the food is great and not too expensive!
    I LOVE your shoes!!! How adorable. I love op-shopping and would have to say that 3/4's of my wardrobe comes from them. I love it when friends comment on my outfit and then ask where I have bought a particular item and I can answer by saying "OP SHOP". Most of the times they are surprised. I look at it as a challenge. A lot of the garments I buy are name brands also eg. JAG jeans (brand new, still had tag on) $12! How awesome is that?
    I love your blog by the way and am going to save it to my favourites list.

  4. Welcome Andrea, Thank you for your kind comments - love that I will be added to your favourites list. My op shop finds are a source of pride too. I love to encourage people to buy secondhand 1st then go for new if they can't meet their needs with preloved gods. All my very best pieces have been op shopped found.

  5. Stephanie, I`m so glad you`re blogging again, at the same time I totally get that it is hard to find the time to blog often and with passion all the time - some time outs are much needed :) And I read every word you write, no matter how much time passes :)
    I often ask to get the leftovers in a bag, usually that is no problem, and I couldn`t care less if people think I`m acting weird when asking, I paid for it, my food, no problem. To ask for money for the container sounds a bit strange in my ears, but better than not getting the food..
    LOVE your shoes, they made me want to go op shoping today - yeah! Strange thing here in Oslo, though, and the op shops are just as expensive as normal shops.. Too popular :)

    1. Wow Rosenhfsa, that is one huge lovely compliment and has put a large smile on my face. Thank you!!!
      Sometimes the op shops here have expensive prices on cheap brands such as Supre. However in your case I wonder if it's because people are choosing sustainability with trending enthusiasm. Will companies eventually make extras to sell on to op shops because there is a profit to make there too?

  6. In America we always get our leftovers to take home and it's not even an issue. In fact, the waiters even ask if you'd like a box.

    When I was a college student, we studied in Paris though and one of my girlfriends asked for a box for her meal and they looked at her like she was insane and finally produced a giant pizza box for her to put her pasta dish in. :)


  7. Hi Jen, As you might already know I'm Half Australian and Half Parisien and when I read your comment I realised there is no way I would ask to take home left overs in France. Ooh La La Sacre Blue!!!!! That would just be the death of me - a waiter might shout and and shame me in the middle of a restaurant. But then again portions are much smaller in France and my plate is usually clean at the end of my meal. I have to hold myself back from licking it clean too - LOL

  8. I live in the South, in the US. Even the wealthy ask for a "to go" box or a 'doggy bag" for leftovers. I either eat my leftovers at home or give them to my two hens.

    The one type place that will not allow food to go home is an "all you can eat" place. After all, a person could load up a plate after eating and eat for days. We all know that. And, no one asks. Some sneak it out. But, I never have.


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