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Friday, May 24, 2013

Puppy Love

Hi Worldwide Frugalites,

One of my girlfriends that I ate out with last night works remote. And I mean really really remote in a small indigenous community on a small island. It takes her two small charter planes and then a slightly bigger plane just to get to my small city which is the states main headquarters. She's here for a weeks work and staying in a small pet free hotel.

Recently in her community, she came across a camp dog suffering from extremely poor health and at threat of being attacked and killed by dingos just like it's brothers and sisters the night before. So with her daughters pleading eyes she saved the puppy from deaths doorstep and got it in top health within a few weeks. However now that she's in town for a weeks work, puppy Rosy was a little hard to cater for. Sure there are kennels but on short notice and without much pet know how, it's a maze to try and know who's who and what's what and really... they cost an arm and a leg at $20 a day.

But our lucky family decided put our hand up to foster the puppy for a few days in our small apartment. And I say lucky because I'm happy to help my friend as a frugal gift giving gesture and because my daughter is thrilled to have a new pet to care even if it's just a few days.

My daughter has been asking for a new pet and I have repeatedly said no. We already own an old street cat from the back streets of Melbourne and this is a logistics nightmare each time we want to travel. We love our cat very much so don't regret having her but I don't want any other full time pets after her. Fostering on the other hand could be a solution to temporarily sheltering native and non native animals - while not having the obligation to long term responsibility, costs and guardianship.

Have you ever taken in a pet for a friend or fostered any animals? Would you foster a native snake, kangaroo, possum or bird? Or maybe a lost cat or dog?

As for us we are so happy with the cute and well behaved Rosy. She's a delight and bundle of fun to have around. We Love Puppy Love.

Stephanie @ Frugal Down Under.


  1. What a beautiful face Rosy has :-)

    1. Lovely personality too - full of mischief pinching food from our plates if we move away for a minute :)

  2. Hi Stephanie, Just came over from Down to Earth blog. Love your philosophy of gifting your time......I think it is called 'kindness' - good on you - this will not only bring happiness to you and your family but also to others you bless. Creating a community of sharing that starts at the grassroots takes time.
    Love the little puppy. How are you able to mind the dog, and have your cat, in a flat? Is it more of a unit with a yard? No restrictions on pets in the block of flats? I took my small dog last week to visit my niece for the first time in her rented unit with no pet policy. The first thing Rose did was pooh on the carpet!!!! Fortunately easy pick up and none left on the actual carpet. Not something that Rose does normally unless she has upset tummy and can't get out in time. She does give me so much joy though.
    Cheers from cold rural Victoria. Hadassah

    1. Hi Hadassah,

      Thanks for your comment and Yes there is restrictions regarding pets where I live but this is short term and I am on the bodycorp committee so have a lot of say :) When people want to live here with pets we take each request into careful consideration.
      Our cat loves the bedroom but when the owner comes to give her puppy a 1 hour afternoon outing we give the cat free reign of the flat. At cat meal times we place the puppy in our spare room/office and allow the cat freedom of her home again. She likes to go out in the afternoon and morning and has been able to do so. The puppy has had a walk every morning and 3 walks between 3 to 9pm. So everyone is happy. There has only been 1 pee accident and that was done in the bathroom so the puppy is very well trained!!!


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