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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fabric Book Cover

Hello You :)

Guess what! I crafted yet another gift. This time for a grown woman, it was actually for the Director of my local Botanic Gardens who loves all things Plants. I once saw beautiful fabric covered note books at a craft fair. They were so lovely, however I couldn't justify the cost. I have drawn on the memory of them ever since so I decided to look at You Tube for inspiration and a DIY tutorial to do something similar and found this clip.

After watching and thinking how easy that looked, I decided I could do that. But there was no way I was going to the craft shop to look for special glue when i'm trying to make do with what I have at home. And I also know from experience that glue in humid tropics does not always work.

Therefor make do I did... and worked around it. I cut a beautiful vintage tea towel with Australian wildflowers, folded and ironed as recommended in the clip and carefully sewed it into shape instead of glueing. I ended up using pins and repining a few times to get the perfect super snug fit I was after.

It worked out well and I felt pretty happy with myself as it was a gift I was proud to present to another lover of upcycling and environmental care. The cover can be slipped on and off for easy washing or to cover a new note book of the same size making is re-useable and not another throw away item.

My total cost was $2 for the tea towel and $7 for the quality drawing notebook. I'm happy with that. 

Have you worked on any similar projects? Do you think it's too time consuming for the end result? I would love to hear your thoughts on crafting gifts and upcycling. 

In Eco-Frugality,

Stephanie at Frugal Down Under

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  1. I think your book cover is great. I covered a boring diary once with some old jeans. I'm getting ideas for Christmas now. Thanks


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