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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet Beading at The Party.

Hi Everyone,

The past week has been a whirl of activities. So much so that I wish I had pulled my head out of the sand of procrastination and blogged a little more regularly because I have so much to tell. I have had a week of fun activities, great thrift finds, new second hand furniture, a babysitting stint for a friend and Dolly went to yet ANOTHER party.

Today I will concentrate on the party because the main activity that kept little hands busy was gorgeous and so very popular that it absolutely needs Sharing.

Firstly on the Party Day I was so chaotic that I was running super late to the party's 10:00 am start. I was soooo late that when we arrived no one was there. You guessed it!!! We had arrived one day early - Boo. The only thing to do was laugh and return home and get other items on our To Do List done.

Giggling Clowns jumped back in the car.

I should point out my bright happy supermodel clothes ;) in the above pic are; an upcycled headband made from one of Dolly's baby tops, a $1 quality orange jacket and $2 animalistic dress - thrifted of course. Dolly's clothes on both days are also all thrifted and absolutely divine.

So anyway... back to the story. The next morning we were out the door on the DOT with our upcycled homemade owl wrapped in pretty net fabric for the party girl to reuse in crafts. As you can see from the pic Dolly's face tells the story - she was a little unsure as we arrived at the party house.. Could her Mamma in her NEW $1 thrifted top be pulling another disappointing stunt.

Is this really the day...?

On arrival (the tease I am) I said "I'm not sure if the party is on, it all sounds quiet". She shrieked happily that she could hear children's voices and off she ran to hug the party girl.

Party Excitement.

As the party commenced the cutest bunch of four to six year old children in their party best, huddle around a low table creating party jewels as soon as they arrived. A lot of beads went straight into mouths instead of ribbon. The activity was attention grabbing and a lovely way to greet all the children arriving. The pretty beads were life saver lollies and also fruit loops and nutri-grain breakfast cereals. A wonderful mixture of textures, colours and flavours.

Party Crafts.
Sweet Beads.
The result was pretty jewels that the children wore while nibbling away at the sweet beads.

This activity loads of fun for little hands. It was also delicious and frugal too. Have you been to any parties lately with fun children or even adult activities that don't blow the budget?

Don't forget I LOVE reading your comments, tips and inspirations.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stephanie - Frugal Down Under


  1. Arriving a day early - that sounds like my life! What a sweet and lovely activity for the kids at the party. LOVE your $1 top btw what a find!


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