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Monday, March 28, 2011

Gardening Day - We Got A Plot

We had a super charged Sunday with lots of Garden work!

The 1st part of Sunday we spent 2 hours at Dolly's Pre-school with a few other parents and the teachers working on the school yard garden. It was a working bee to get it looking better after a very wet, Wet Season. The Rambling Expat even came home early from him fishing trip to join in the fun.
PreSchool Backyard where we Buzzed.
Our new Help Exchange guests (just off the plane) came along and we dug, pulled, chopped, clipped and sweated. It was great. I love a bit of physical work, makes me feel alive. Helping the school out, gives a feeling of pride and community ownership. Dolly was so excited to go to the Working Bee and it means a great deal to her that we participate in school activities. She loves her school and her self confidence has grown immensely in the past 8 weeks.
The Preschool Frontyard ready for the students to start their veggie patches.
We then went home together for a quick and easy lunch of bread roll sandwiches stuffed with cheese and ham and many glasses of thirst quenching cold water and apple juice to get our sugars level up.

After lunch Dolly and I left everyone to relax while we headed out to the Botanical Gardens Permaculture Area for a meeting and some gardening. And WE GOT OUR OWN BRAND NEW PLOT!!! I was so excited, we were on a waiting list since 2009! Not only do we now have out own gardening space a few minutes walk from home but we will be gardening with other like minded people who have a vast amount of knowledge and skills that we can learn from! So we spent 3 hours there and headed home when the sky was pouring rain and it was past dinner time. Oh such Happiness!
Our Brand New Plot.
Our new plot needs a couple of months of mulch breakdown to build up it's gardening goodness. In the meantime we have been given another plot that a previous owner no longer uses. It already has a few eatables that I'm pulling out or pruning to make room for other veggies and fruits.
Our Meantime Plot.
Wild Spinach, Egg Plant, Lemon Grass and a Vietnamese Cooking Green.
However we will endeavour to use as much as possible of what we pull out to be sustainable and be frugalistic green.
Our Garden Loot - Veggies for cooking and Flowers/Tall leaves for Vases.
Any garden delights in your backyard?


  1. How exciting, this will keep you very busy. Everything is so beautiful and lush in your lovely homeland, I am very envious. It's one of the wonders of Blog Land, to be able to see how our blogging friends live in different parts of the world.

    Have fun with your gardening.

  2. Hi there,

    It was not just a fishing trip, it was a two days fishing comp, in which I only took part for one day.

    But the smile on Dolly's face when I told her that I would be there was way worth it.

    Have a good day,

  3. Fantastic!! Looking forward to hearing about your gardening adventures. Congrat's to you for giving Dolly a REAL upbringing & not a pretend one in today's plastic world.

  4. Thanks everyone. We are LOVING our garden and have been 3 times already this week.


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