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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Sold A Book.

I have about 70 books listed on Fishpond, but this year I've only sold 2 books so far! My prices are a fraction of the Retail Price and most of my books are in "new, near new or very good" condition but it's been slow.

I think people are starting to move away from books on paper as they join the Kindle ranks. Also book sellers like to Book Depository just make it hard to compete against as prices are very low and they have free shipping. Individual sellers like me flipping a handful of books to build up the holiday fund are just a spec of dust in mountains of reading options available worldwide.

For now I'm not going to purchase too many books to flip online as they take up valuable real estate in my home. So unless I know they're a sure thing, a current academic text book or a book I must read/have, I will be leaving them in the op-shop.

The book I sold this week brought a profit of $17.48 to go to our Borneo holiday fund. It was a Signed Copy of Due Inheritance by Ted Egan in new condition, out of stock in most online stores. I purchased it for only .50 cents!

Here are 3 books I purchased last week for the total sum of $4.00. I think they are a sure thing (I sold a copy of the Diversity book within 24 hours last year) and I hope to read them before they sell online or at my market stall.
Books with Brain at Bargain Prices.
And today I purchased these great 8 books at a local op-shop for a total of $20.

Popular Reads, Near New Condition.
They were $2.50 each. A bit on the expensive side for me but I feel they will sell well at my market stall next weekend. The book "The Man Who Never Sleeps" has docket inside it's pages. It was purchased for $20 just 6 weeks ago at a local university - and it's in new condition!

I did a lot of buying today as I restocked for my market stall but prices were high. I'll shoot photo's of my new stock in the next few days and let you see my goodies.

I once had this Michael Jackson book that I picked up for 50 cents and had no idea it was valuable collectible. Once I read it, I gave it away to an acquaintance. I hope she didn't toss it as she could have done with some extra cash.

Are you a hard copy book lover? Buy them, Borrow them, Beg them? Or are you moving with the times and reading ebooks.
Do you hoard books to gather dust or do you give them/sell them on?
What is the future of books?
I'm interested in your thoughts....


  1. definitely a book lover, though I am okay with soft covers. Once I've read them, I donate them to our public library for its collection. Love it that you are turning 'em over for a profit!

  2. I try to keep it reigned in but there is no denying I am a book hoarder. I like old naff cookbooks (I prefer to use the 'net for recipes) books about household hints (you wouldn't guess looking at the state of my house) and books about frugality and thriftiness(I probably spend the most on these!) also gardening books, not so much fiction..except old story annuals all about jolly hockey girls and midnight feasts.
    Screen reading too much hurts my eyes and if I avoid it I don't need to wear glasses...I don't think I will switch to Kindle anytime soon.

  3. I only like to buy a book to keep. If it is a quick read I tend to get it from the library. In the past I have bought books just released at top price and found them to be really disapointing. Then I am annoyed I have wasted cash.

  4. OH I'm an absolute bookie, but then again I can think of more harmful addictions. Have just found your blog so I'm reading back(& loving it)& become a follower. Pop over to my blog & visit.
    Happy reading

  5. Books! One of my favorite subjects! Reading is my favorite hobby! I love to buy books and I am always looking for ways to get them as inexpensively as possible. If I'm not sure if I'll like a certain book or author, I get it from the library before investing in it. If I have a book I don't want to keep, I either donate it or swap it on Paperback Swap.


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