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Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Days Off - Day 5 Tuesday 26/4

We recently hosted two Couchsurfers who have made a move to live in Australia. They stayed with us for about a week earlier this month in exchange for some home help. I loved having them as they are ecological minded and have a great work ethic when helping out.

I was able to take a step back, be cooked for, have dishes washed, bathroom cleaned and laundry hang on the line. All the tasks that eat up my precious minutes after work and drain me of energy.

One of the tasks I asked for was a new headband made from some old clothes as the ones I have are all getting a bit shabby for work and I don't want to spend 5$ to 10$ for a headband from a commercial fashion store. I pulled out my trusty sewing machine and some old clothes destined for crafts and rags.
Shabby, Stained, Stretched Clothes.
Lovely Merle...
...was able to make me a headband out of my old trousers. And as a bonus 2 gorgeous owls. 1 for Dolly out of two of her old outgrown dresses and scrap felt. And 1 for me out of my old trousers and scrap felt.
Headband and Owls.
This is Steven. He is a lover of all things "Plants". I was able to find a op shop book on my bookshelf to give that he was keen to read on Edible Australian Wild Plants. He has imparted a lot of knowledge to me in his short time with us and spent a few hours with me at the plot clearing it to make room for new plants and seeds.
They've moved on from our home but they are living in our city for a few months so today we visited them in their uncluttered simple home making me nostalgic for our previous life devoid of clutter.

Merle being the creative being she is rustled up a quick crafty activity without fuss to do with Dolly while we visited and they made this...
Little Monster.
It was nearly a spend free day but we were hot and wanted sugary drinks - so bought some soft drink.

Any special strangers come into your life lately?

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