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Monday, December 26, 2011

Not Too Proud To Accept Your Castoffs

Many people feel too embarrassed or superior to give hand-me-downs to people they know. Either they give directly to charity shops or worse throw the stuff in bins so that no one can benefit from them.

Others feel too embarrassed or superior to accept hand-me-downs. They prefer to purchase everything new. Would never dream of accepting a castoffs or heaven forbid, step into a second hand shop.

Well not me... And my credit card is not maxed out, actually it's usually a $1 in positive credit. I use it sparingly and pay off any purchases within 2 days of using my card. I don't give it much of a workout because I don't buy much "new" stuff.

So when you give me your castoffs, hand-me-downs, outgrown stuff, unwanted items, used things - I LOVE IT! I can sort and take what I want, give to to others, put some on Freecycle or give to my local op shop. Not only are you making me happy with your used gifts but you are helping me save money towards my mortgage and you are helping the environment by giving the stuff another chance. Once I'm done with your stuff it will be passed on, repurposed, recycled or composted depending on it's use and state.

Our friend Nathalie and her gorgeous daughter gave us this lot of out grown books and CDs. We didn't say "No thanks" or feel embarrassed. We were thrilled to receive such a cool stash.

English Books and CD.

French Books and 8 CDs of Stories.

We sorted Dolly's book shelves to make room and have now prepared a bag of 10 outgrown books to give to a baby in the block of flats next to ours. We are not too proud to give and they are not to proud to accept and so the cycle continues.

We are not poor and could buy stuff, however we have decided to use our money wisely and want to look after our planet. How about you? Are you too proud to accept other peoples unwanted stuff?


  1. This is such a great post. You and I are so alike!

    I am never too proud to receive other people's unwanted stuff. I got a nice coat recently from my SIL, and guess what I'm still wearing the coat she put out before that!

    I love Dolly's new collection (especially interesting as a teacher of 5/6 year olds).

    What things to cherish and then pass on.


    Sft x

  2. I love getting hand me downs! Don't care about it at all. My aunt lives in a retirement village and she regularly gives us a boxful of her neighbors grandaughters stuff for Amelia. Some of the clothes still have tags on them! Amelia flat out tells people where she got her clothes if complimented on them she loves it too. How can you not love free clothes when a girls dress at Target sets u back $30?

  3. I am of the same mind as you. Books are treasures to be loved and cherished.

    "Oh the Places You'll Go" is one of the greatest children's books ever. A fortune 500 company I was once employed by insisted that all its employees read it.

    Good stuff!

  4. I was never too proud to take hand-me-downs. My friend had a neighbor whose little boy only wore costumes, all made by the mother. So, I would regularly get a bag of costumes. There were lots of capes and hats. One costume was a furry, fake, animal skin loincloth that my 2-yr-old loved. It was like men's brief underwear with a flap front and back...lol.

    One bag had three (a red, a yellow, a blue) corduroy baby overalls with matching long-sleeved, striped tshirts with snaps on the shoulder of the shirt. Five children wore those--original owner, my son, daughter, niece, and my last daughter.

    The last four children (my three and the girl niece) wore these as play clothes for crawling on the floor and for eating. After a good ten years of constant use, the knees were not worn and the shirts and bibs of the overalls were not stained.

    I knew no one with a baby (12 mo size), so I put them in a yard sale.

  5. I get a lot of clothes for the boys and when they finish with them they are the given to a neighbors little boy. Last year I only bought them underwear.

  6. I love recieving hand me downs. Some may be used for just play clothes other items for going out. I would also much prefer to give our hand me downs to people we know, then op shops. I love seeing my nephew wearing pieces that my boys did.
    I think you should be proud to give and recieve hand me downs. It's saving waste and bucks!


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