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Thursday, April 5, 2012


I read a very good article on garden soil in a discarded gardening magazine recently. It stated that much of the bagged soil that is sold in Australian gardening shops is actually a detriment to our environment. The reason is most of it is dug from waterways thus damaging our fragile ecosystems. I never knew this and was blown by my new knowledge.

It went on to say people that moan about their terrible natural soil in their yards are actually missing the rich Gold they have. Most of the soils just needs to be enriched with compost and mulch. So instead of digging away your dirt and removing it for glossy shop bought stuff, mix in other enriching ingredients and give it life.

A great tip was if you don't have enough to build raise beds then look around your neighbourhood. Is someone having their yard dug up for a pool or the likes? If yes, ask them if you can have some of the earth which will be otherwise dumped and left unused. They save the cost of disposing of it and you save the cost of buying it. Winners all round and Eco Frugal to boot.

Now my happy friends, get out there and get your hands dirty ;-)

Have a wonderful Long Weekend for those lucky to have one,
Stephanie at Frugal Down Under.


  1. Never buy peat-based compost either. It comes from fragile marsh ecosystems and it very environmentally unsound.

  2. My raised beds have been filled with a mixture of home made compost, soil improver bought from the recycling centre and soil from a freecycler. As you said the giver, who was building a garage didn't have to pay to dispose of it and I had free soil.

  3. I have a wormery an the compest that produces is amazing.

  4. Pool dirt is usually dug out in exchange for the soil, or it is presold, or it is dumped on acreage where they have dirt, rock, chirt, boulders sitting in heaps to sell. So, you might not have such an easy time getting pool excavation dirt.

    I figured most of the bagged stuff was industrial sludge.

    The other reason to enrich your soil is that you never know what poisons the neighbor put on his leaves he gives you. Plus, is the dirt you buy from anywhere contaminated with lead? It is difficult for us consumers to determine.


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